Decorate Brittain Counselor Hall Contest Results!

Greetings all!

The results of the contest are in! During the month of February we had 2 entries for the deco contest. The Entries were submitted by Drakelord and Kara. I want to thank them both for submitting some really nice Deco for the Brit Counselor Hall! I would also like to thank the following EMs for participating in the voting process: EM Obsidian, EM Falcon, EM Roenick, EM Lyrra, and EM Erebus. And the winner of the contest is……. *Drum Roll* Kara!!!! Congratulations!!! I will reach out to Kara during the week to coordinate regarding the deco! Aside from getting your deco placed in the Brit Counselor Hall, you will also have a plaque Displayed in the counselor Hall!

Here are the pictures that were submitted for the contest:



March Event Schedule

Hello all!

I want to thank everyone for their submissions towards the Decoration contest last month. The voting process will begin on March 5th and last a week. Here is the schedule of events for March:

March 16th @ 7PM PST: Meet and Greet
March 18th @ 7PM PST: Governors Meeting
March 23rd @ 7PM PST: Event TBA
March 30th @ 7PM PST: Fishing Net Toss Event

February Event Schedule

Hello all!

Here is the schedule of events for February:

February 16th @ 7PM PST: Governors Meeting
February 23rd @ 7PM PST: Trinsic Jones and the desolation of Dydra
February 25th @ 7PM PST: Fishing Net Toss Event
February 28th @ 11:59PM PST: Final turn in for Deco Contest

Update: I have update the event on the 23rd to reflect the name of the event.

Decorate Brittain Counselor Hall Contest

Hello all!

As promised, the contest for decorating the counselor hall in brit, will begin as off today.

Rules(subject to change):

1)Decorations must not include unique/rare items unless you are willing to donate the items.
2)Theme of the the Counselor Hall can be anything as long as it is family friendly.
3)You can use the counselor hall or a house to represent what the counselor hall should look like.
4) Submissions will be sent in the form of a JPG Screenshot.
5) Submissions must be in by February 28th 11:59pm PDT

Submissions will go thru a voting proccess done by myself and other EM’s.
The voting proccess will last 1 week.

The winner will have a plaque placed in the counselor Hall as well as have their decoration implemented.

Submissions will go to

Good luck and have fun!

Edit: Rule#1: If you are willing to donate the unique/rare item, then we will allow it.

January Event Schedule

Hello all!

I hope everyone’s been having a great new years so far. Here is the schedule for the events in January.

January 21st @ 7PM PST: Governors Meeting
January 28th @ 7PM PST: Fishing Net Toss Event
January 31st @ 7PM PST: Stolen Artifact

Note: I do apologize for getting the schedule so late. I’ve had some personal issues that I’ve had to deal with. I will get the event on the 28th named appropriately soon.

Update: I have made a slight change in the schedule. the fishing Net Toss and the Stolen Artifact Event will be trading places.

Sonoma Community Holiday Group Pictures

Hello all!

I wanted to wish everyone Happy holidays and hope everyone stays safe and warm! I know I’m a few days late but here are a couple of Screenshots taken from the Holiday Group Picture:

If anyone has any additional Screenshots they took that look better than these, feel free to email me a set and I will update this post with the new pictures!

-EM Xanthus


Here are some additional Pictures taken by Drakelord:

December Event Schedule

It’s that time again! Lets end the year with a bang! the following are the events schedules for December:

Dec 11th at 7PM PDT: Hide and seek!
Dec 15th at 7PM PDT: Sonoma Community Holiday Group Picture Sponsored by The Grinch.
Dec 17th at 7PM PDT: Governors Meeting
Dec 22nd at 7PM PDT: A Grinch’s Christmas
Dec 29th at 7PM PDT: Fishing Net Tossing Event

November Events Schedule

I hope everyone enjoyed last months planned events! I have posted below the planned schedule for the events in November. The event on the 26th will be named soon. If dates and/or times change, they will be updated here. At least one of the events this month will have a Thanksgiving theme to it.

Nov 19th at 7PM PDT: Governors Meeting
Nov 22nd at 7PM PDT: Royal Guard Meeting
Nov 26th at 7PM PDT: Unnamed EM Event (Event name TBA) — Cancelled
Nov 29th at 7PM PDT: Fishing Net Tossing Event

Update: Due to Thanksgiving week, and other circumstances, I am cancelling the event scheduled for the 26th. I wish everyone a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.

October’s Fishing Challenge Comes To A Close

With The Fishing Challenge coming to a close, we have had no entries this month. I believe this is due to the holiday events that are going on. I will be postponing our monthly fishing challenge until after the holidays are over. In the meantime, there will be other events to take its place! I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

October Events Schedule

Here is the planned schedule for the events in October. The events on the 25th and 29th will be named soon. If dates and/or times change, they will be posted here.

October 20th at 7PM PDT Governors Meeting
October 22nd at 7PM PDT Royal Guard Meeting
October 29th at 7PM PDT A Cure In Need Event
October 31st at 11:59PM PDT Fishing Contest Deadline

Update:The event originally Scheduled for the 25 has been merged with the event on the 29th. after reviewing the event planned, I felt it lacked enough content and fun factor. I’ve merged some of the content from the event with the event scheduled for the 29th. Skara will continue to see an increase in Zombified citizens leading up to the event on the 29th. Also, I noticed an error with the deadline for the fishing contest. The contest will end at 11:59PM PST.